100% Silk Charmeuse, Hand-Dyed Pillowcases



Silk Pillowcases by Isvari – Add a Little Luxury to your Life!

Silk pillowcases are a fabulous way to pamper yourself and those you love. It is a way to show compassion for yourself night after night;
a way to be reminded that you are truly special. Choose a luscious color to find your very own slice of heaven.

Why Hand-Dyed Silk Pillowcases?

We spend a third of our life sleeping. Sleeping on silk pillowcases is an easy way to pamper yourself. You feel like you are in a spa when you go to bed on a silk pillowcases. Are you thinking about investing in a silk pillowcase?

Here are five reasons to treat yourself or a loved one to a better nights sleep:

  • Sleeping on silk reduces the appearance of wrinkle lines
  • Silk is hypo-allergenic
  • Silk does not absorb your expensive face creams
  • Your hair looks better when you sleep on silk pillowcases
  • Spoil yourself with Silk Pillowcases

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